Monday, February 14, 2011

SariAyu Martha Tilaar Lipstick Pesona Rimba Sumatra 2010 in Nias 01

SariAyu is rather famous (locally in Indonesia) Indonesian brand which usually come up with make up trends every year. I recalled seeing their body care/spa products sold in Singapore and Malaysia too. Not so long time ago, I got myself this one, just because I never tried any of their product.
SariAyu’s inspiration always came from Indonesian culture/nature, and their make up shades are designed to suit Indonesian ladies’ complexion. Since Indonesian complexion is similar Asian complexion in general, I think shades from their make up line should fit Asian skin tones.

The lipstick I bought was from their 2010 collection, which was inspired by Sumatran rainforests. Nias is a small island nearby Sumatra island.

The lipstick was not packaged simply by patterned plastic. I have to peel off the plastic to open the lipstick. The pattern is usually in line with the make up color theme. I personally find the pattern rather busy.
Nias 01 looks like regular natural rose with teeny weeny hint of orange. It applies nicely, not too glossy not too matte. It has faint artificial fruits fragrance.

I think the lipstick itself lasts only 1-2 hours with my regular tea sippings in between. However, the color lasts longer. It stained my lips rather nicely. Stained my skin when I was swatching too. However, it was not moisturizing... too bad.

I am surprised by this lipstick, and certainly would like to try more of their beauty products! The price was inexpensive compared to other international brands too!

In summary...
Packaging: simple, light plastic
Color offering: 2/5 each collection only has 2-3 shades of lipstick if I am not mistaken
Price: IDR 35,000-25,000 (translates to USD 3.8-2.8, when 1USD=9,000IDR)
Texture: slides nicely
Moisturizing: 2/5
Staying power: 1-2 hours, but it stains!
Will I buy more? Would try more if they have more shades to offer...

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