Saturday, February 26, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pure Shine SPF 15 Lipstick in Rose Babydoll 4

I fell in love with YSL’s lipsticks... and I just have to try all of them! This time, I bumped across Rouge Pure Shine in Changi Airport. It was not on display, and they only have 3 colors or so, each in limited quantity. The sales assistant told me those are the colors customer ordered. So, there was not a single tester to check the texture of color. But since this is my favourite lipstick brand, YSL, I decided to try. I am lucky, one of those colors they stocked up suits my liking...
Since there is no other colors or proper display, I cant really comment on the colors they have. But judging from the website and swatches in the net, it seems like they have quite a wide color variation.
The tube, as usual, is very YSL, all gold with YSL logo panel from which the color of the lippie would be visible. I like the design of this tube, you have to push the top of the tube/cube to take out the lippie... fancy
The color applies medium sheer. I do think single swipe is enough to get the color on your lip.
While in the tube the color appears pink-fuchsia with pearly finish with a hint of greenish pearl (okay, that’s complicated description...), on my lip and hand it appears pink-fuchsia with pearl finish. Very lovely...
Rose babydoll has the signature ‘mango’ scent, just like Rouge Voluptes. Some like it, some don’t ....
Application is very smooth and easy. Feels very light and airy on my lips. Unfortunately, unlike Rouge Voluptes, this one is not so moisturizing. But it lasts longer than Rouge Voluptes. Too long with only Rose Babydoll would leave my lips rather dry. I managed to work around it by applying light balm before the lipstick. Which I don’t normally bother to do, unless I really really like the lippie.
What I don’t fancy too much from Rouge Pur Shine is the flat cube surface. Since it is made of plastic, fingerprints easily sticks here and there. Oh...I detest any thumb print on any shiny surface of my lippie tube...
In summary...
Packaging: plastic, gold colored
Color offering: I didn’t see all color variations...
Price: SGD 32.7 (without tax)
Texture: light, scented with signature ‘mango’ scent
Moisturizing: 2.5/5
Staying power: approx 3-4 hours with drinks in between
Will I buy more? Yap, if the color really melted my heart

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