Saturday, February 12, 2011

Heroine Make 5th Anniversary: Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara and Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara Remover

Few months back, I’ve given up on mascaras. Simply because those brands I have bought in the past either simply don’t work (if it works I didn’t see the difference) or flakes like nobody’s business. But since I don’t have many things to do now, I decided to try on this one:
It was special pack, so with price of one mascara, I got both the mascara and the remover. Heroine Make is a Japanese brand I am not familiar with. Rumor has it, this mascara wont budge even if you cry! Interesting... more interesting would be how to remove it. But that’s later...

Here’s my eye without mascara, with 2-3 swipes of Heroine Make Kiss Me (the name is just toooooo long) and lastly, since I am greedy greedy with 5-6 swipes of HMKM:
Ahem...pardon my uncurled eyelashes... few first swipes elongates and makes my lashes appear darker. The extra swipes that I did after, I don’t think it helps with anything, as it doesn’t make my lash longer or thicker. Unlike other drugstore brands I’ve tried this one feels light and not heavy. I didn’t notice any flaking too.

I mimicked sweating and crying by dropping few drops of water and rub it gently with my fingertips....the rumors are true! No racoon eyes! You can safely wear this mascara to events where sweating (like marathon around the island?) or crying (sappy movies, anyone?) is expected.

Now...the fun part...removal!!
My regular make up remover didn’t do anything to remove this stuff! Next try: baby oil – ha! Even my MAC liquidlast eyeliner removes easily with this one... baby oil does help a bit...I saw my cotton getting slight black stain. But really, baby oil didn’t help. So, I will try the remover that comes with the mascara. It looks like clear mascara, so, you apply it over the mascara and wait for 2-3 minutes before removing...

The remover has jelly-oily texture. This better remove the mascara...*waiting* *waiting* *waiting*

Okie~ *grab cotton pad* *swipe* HURRAHHHH!!! It removes my mascara completely! Lesson learnt: Never ever buy Heroine Make Kiss Me Mascara without the remover!

In summary...
Packaging: the bottle is plain vanilla compared to other brands, but the plastic packaging encasing the bottle is another story, with the saucer-eyed with incredibly long eye lash Japanese anime style girl, who wont be interested to pick it up?
Color offering: to borrow Henry Ford: ‘any customer can have a car (more likely eyelashes) painted any color he (more likely she, but who am I to judge?) wants so long as it is black’
Price: SGD 21.9 for mascara+remover, usually about SGD 21-ish for each
Texture: light, waterproof, regular make up remover proof, baby oil proof
Staying power: whole day
Will I buy more? If I finish this one, why not?

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