Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canmake Cream Cheek in Sweet Apricot 05

Since I discovered Tarte’s Natural Cheek Stain in Glam, I am smitten with any cheek blush in coral or peach or apricot. And then, I found this baby in the local drugstore...

As you can see, It comes in few other colors (reading the website’s color description is pure entertainment...LOL) , those who are not too used with Japanese brands might find some colors too bright.
All of the colors I tried was glittery, some are glitter packed, some are less sparkly... Sweet apricot is one of those that are not so sparkly. It has tiny golden glitter which is not very visible in the container, but pops out when blended. I find the other colors to behave the same way too...

Now the swatch...The one on the left is the product before blending, the one on the right is after blending. See how potent the color is? When applying these, it is wise to start very very little first, then build up color if necessary... says:
“Creates a complexion that exudes health from deep within your skin, like a fountain of happiness.Blends in with your skin as though melting into it, ensuring that your complexion stays looking dewy-fresh for hours on end.
Surprising texture! A melting gel-type formulation that becomes dry after application....
Versatile coloring ...”

The packaging is light clear plastic, but I do think it looks cute! Look at that diamond cut effect on the sides... don’t that makes you want to pick it up and have a look?

The cream-gel content is very soft and light, you can pick it up easily with tip of your fingers. Upon application, just like the website promises, I feel like I just applied powder blush! It does not feel heavy on my oily cheeks!

Canmake Cheek color stays wonderfully visible for a long time. By the end of the day, I can see my cheeks apricot tinted...makes my face looks fresh!

In summary...
Packaging: cute but simple, light clear plastic
Color variations: 4/5
Price: SGD 19.9
Texture: cream-gel turning powdery upon blending
Moisturizing: not applicable
Staying power: color still vibrant on my cheek by the end of the day 
Will I buy more? Yes! Yes! Yes, please! I’m gonna grab the pink one soon!

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