Sunday, February 20, 2011

Celeblous Gelina Cheek from LA in Macaroon Pink 02

For those residing in Singapore, this product is no way brand new. it has been around for a while. Yet for some reasons (I think it was the eye catching yet tacky packaging + the strange name) I always steered away from it... until yesterday. Yes, I am having my Japanese brands fever, I will try and pick up anything Japanese.

As you can see, it comes with tiny leopard print puff complete with neon pink bow. The puff fits nicely in the jar. But since I am not a puff person (I love my Ecotools brushes to death] and (again) the tacky leopard print, I am not going to use the puff. The jar itself is clear with golden glitter, the brand ‘Celeblous Gelina Cheek’ logo printed in gold on top. I like the big pot, makes it easier for me to pick the product up.

Macaroon Pink is light coral-pink with soft golden shimmer. It is very soft, with light swirl form my brush, I managed to pick quite a lot color. When applied, the golden shimmer is very very soft and it makes my cheek glows.

In summary...
Packaging: love the big pot, but not the design...
Color offering: 1/5 In the drugstore, there were 3 colors available.
Price: SGD 24.9
Staying power: color stays nicely until the end of the day
Will I buy more? I’m curious to try the other nude-pinky color (I forgot the name)

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