Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tony Moly Lovely Slim Lipstick Berryberry in Ruby RD01

Few months ago, I noticed a new Korean brand of cosmetic nearby: Tony Moly. Their cream bottle designs are so cute, but that’s for another occasion. I still have loads of creams I have not used. So, I picked this one up instead...
The brand is literally describing the packaging: slim lip stick. The color offering in the shop was rather limited: only 5 shades. I picked Ruby: a sheer metallic red.

The lipcolor is hard, but I don’t find difficulty gliding it over my lips. It has sweetened sour fruits fragrance, which I don’t care about.

One hour after initial application, my lip started to feel a little dry. This is a little unfortunate, since initial application was rather nice and it felt lightweight.

In summary...
Packaging: simple, light plastic
Color offering: 2/5
Price: SGD 10.9
Texture: hard, but slides nicely
Moisturizing: 2/5
Staying power: 1-2 hours
Will I buy more? Not really...

Extra rantings:
I was soooo soooo interested to check out Burberry’s Beauty line for a while by now, so, off to Orchard I went. I heard the news that the line is coming to Singapore in January from various blog & magazine. But...I found no Burberry Beauty in Orchard  The sales assistant plainly told me it is coming on March due to insufficient space in the beauty halls. *pout*

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