Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lorac Multiplex Lipgloss in 3D

I discovered this one from Sephora Glitz & Glam box. The moment I saw the color, I feel in love...
Multiplex has sweet artificial bubblegum scent that is rather strong. 3D is lovely bronzey-pink colored gloss. I don’t think the gloss itself has any visible color when applied on lips/swatched on hand, the gorgeous coloring comes from the glitter! Brown-bronze flakes with rose pink shine... lovely...
Texture-wise it is rather thick and sticky. The enormous amount of glitter also makes Multiplex in 3D feels rather sandy/gritty on lips.
The nice thing is, like most thicker glosses i’ve tried, Multiplex in 3D is moisturizing on my lips.

In summary...
Packaging: simple round tube with brush applicator
Texture: moisturizing thick gloss, slightly gritty from the glitter (I think)
Moisturizing: yes, comfortable on my lips
Staying power: there is no color per se, only lovely bronze-rose glitters that shimmers. The glitter sticks around for quite some time *heart*
Will I buy more? Yes, this fun glitter-packed gloss is just lovely!

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