Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Etude House Dr Oil Solution Anti-Shine Mist

I’m nuts about mists nowadays. Luvre to mist my face mid-day to give much needed freshness boost…

Another one from Etude House, one of my favorite Korean cosmetic brand. Dr Oil Solution is range of products from compact powders to this mist.

It promises me to moisturize my tired skin while reduce oily shine to improve foundation coverage & longevity. With ingredients such as lavender, tea, cranberry and grapefruit extract… this sounds perfect for my combo skin!

Adore the color scheme of the box and the shape of the bottle! I get retro feeling from this product. It just look lovely sitting on my office desk…

The solution inside is liquid, with fine powder suspended. If left sitting for a while, the white powder will settle down and you would need to shake the bottle first to mix the powder before spraying on your face.

I love the spray of this one. It really sprayed fine mist on my face, not squirts the product. Lightly fragranced, but not noticeable after the product dries down. This certainly give the much needed refreshment mid-day. Does it moisturize? Or reduce my shiny T zone?

Unfortunately no. my skin doesn’t feel more moisturized. Shine is still there too. I usually use this one after blotting my face, just to get the refreshing feeling.

Overall, you don’t miss much if you skipped this one. I purchased this in Korea, so the price is reasonable. However, I don’t think it is worth it if the price is more than Korean retail.

In Summary…
Packaging: simple travel friendly spray bottle with retro feel, creates wonderful fine mist
Is it worth it?
Yes if…. You like misting your face from time to time
No if… You can’t use cosmetics with alcohol (it is listed in the ingredient list), you don’t want to bother buying from the internet/local jacked up price

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  1. this helps, I was looking for something to use instead of blotting sheets but this is not it! Thanks!