Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Etude House Aloha lipstick pencil Two Two Kiss in 4 Honolulu Red Shine

I fell so totally In love with Etude House’s Miss Tangerine line. When I saw they are coming up with Aloha...I cant help but grabbed some for myself without even testing them!

Dont ask me what does Two Two Kiss means... it just look pretty and I grabbed it. Pencil style - One side it is gloss and the other is tint! It smells of yummy fruity caramel, just faintly. The fragrance is gone after application and it is virtually tasteless.
While the tint & gloss looks strong and vibrant in the packaging, it is actually sheer. The tint just nice to add a little pop on my lips. It is pretty glossy when worn alone too. Both are pretty moisturizing and unfortunately, doesn’t last very long. They actually feel and apply like balm!
While the color of the tint is more magenta and the gloss is more coral, the gloss pack some subtle shimmer, not really visible when worn though. Tint is slightly staining on my skin, the gloss goes off easily.
Beside this one, I also purchased Two Two Kiss in Pink Hula Hula. Click to see the swatch. Unlike Honolulu Red Shine, Pink Hula Hula changes color slowly upon application.
In summary...
Packaging: easy to use pencil
Color offering: mainly poppy summer appropriate colors
Texture: glossy, slightly moisturizing
Lasting  power: 2 hours appprox.
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you like light, bright colors
No if... you want more pigment packed lippie, it is hard for you to get Etude House around

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