Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nature Republic Real Flower Sleeping Pack Rose

Staring at the big pink rose bud shaped jar made of plastic... at times I wonder, why did I picked this one up?
Needless to say, I don’t fancy the jar. For once, I don’t really like packaging of something I like. I think it is the fact that the pink plastic is rather sheer and I can see the outline of the tube inside. However, it is still a decent strong jar which does its job to keep the stuff inside , inside.  Not like Baviphat’s peach shaped gel cleanser which manage to spill its liquid inside my luggage.
Anyways...back to nature republic... just like many Korean stuff, it has plastic lid to hold the mask inside after you open the jar. Stuff inside is looks & feel like strawberry jell-o with bits of dried rose petal. Obviously it has serious powdery rose smell going on. Smells like dried tea roses I usually bought for my tea.  The scent definitely lingers sometime after application.

Sleeping pack is just like regular mask, but you apply it before you sleep and. Leave it on while you sleep. I do enjoy applying it, as it feels cooling & refreshing, like after I applied mist, but much more fun. Take it off when you woke up and enjoy your newly revitalized, nourished skin. Just apply the pack light-handedly, I find applying too much will (logicially) my face little sticky.
Just wash the pack with warm water to cleanse it off. I don’t read and speak Korean, so I don’t know what does Real Flower promises to make my skin. I get smooth moisturized skin, even though it doesn’t last long.
The only bummer is the fact that is sticky when it is semi-dry, because this stuff doesn’t dry.
This stuff is fun, if you are used with using sleeping pack and you enjoy tea rose scent. And, considering the only temporary effect I got, I do think it is only worth it if you pay retail price or close to retail price.

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