Friday, July 15, 2011

Banila co. the Kissest Plumping tinted stick in LOVE

Banila co. Entered my radar only recently, since it doesn’t have any shop in Singapore. But the products looks pretty and I just cant resist to grab some...

The name says it all... it is lightly tinted balm which promises more plump lips. Sounds good...
I do think the packaging is so chic... chic plastic neon pink, without looking cheap.
The texture is totally comfortable... just like your regular lip balm with mint fragrance and taste. The Kissest is not as moisturizing as regular balm, but still more moisturizing than regular lipstick.
 The fragrance is not so strong, but the taste it kinda strong. And you can feel slight tingle on your lips after applying.
The color is sheer pretty pink which I do think will suit nearly anyone. It stains my lip a little, leaving lovely pink color.
Is it really plumping? Erm.. a little bit... just a little bit. I don’t think the plumping action is really noticeable.
Minimal plumping aside, this balm is comfortable to wear and I just adore the color. like the color so much... I think I will grab another color!
In summary..
Packaging: light plastic tube with neon colors
COlor offerings: 3 colors- 2 shade of pinks and one tangerie
Texture:  similar to lip balm
Staying power: lasts about 3-4 hours (thanks to the staining property)
Is it worth it?
Yes if... you like tinted balm, you want sheer colors
No if... you cant stand fragranced products, your lips are sensitive to plumping product

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