Sunday, July 10, 2011

SANA Pore Vacuumer Hot Gommage

Sana...sana... sana... you never fail to bring some unique, fun borderline gimmicky product from Japan...
Now, seriously... who needs 2 sexy secret agents, complete with killer high heels and what looks like super deadly weapons to clear and make pores smaller?
Oh wait... I do need one! Hahaa...

Introducing agent vacuumer 1, she’ll instantly heat up your pores. And her partner, agent vacuumer 2 who will vacuum out clogged build up. That’s not all... this product also contains Ghassoul mud from Morocco! Sounds like solution to my pesky blackheads.
This gommage comes in aluminium tube, looking just like your toothpaste. With toothpaste is white creamy with black dots. The scrubbies are a not too fine, not too grainy either.
Just apply on your clean dry face with dry hands. Then wet your hands a little to activate the heating action. Slowly massage while enjoying the warm sensation on your skin. Wash with water afterwards.
Be careful not to add too much water at once. First, it will goes messy and runny on your face. Second, the heating might be too shocking for those not used with self-heating masks or gommages.  Better start very small then work it up slowly.
Does it work wonders? Hmm... sadly no. It works just like any other scrub I already own and commonly available in your nearest drugstore. I don’t think the heating action helps to clear up my pores. It works as effective as regular scrubs.
Fun to use, unique concept, but not so much different than other products. Bottom-line, you don’t miss much if you skip this one.

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