Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Missha Crystal Nail Polish in HGRO1

Polishes in Korea were incredible! I am spoilt for colors & brands & ultra cute packaging. But as I found out later, not all Korean polishes are the same… this one is from Missha, Korean brand famous for its BB cream. One of my favorite Korean polish. Here’s why…

See the packaging? Isnt it cute? Heart shaped bottle with wide brush. Very easy to work with. And the width of the brush just happen to fit my nail width nicely. I just need to brush once and I got all my nail covered nicely & evenly with the polish. Here’s the brush side by side with a ruler just to show you how wide it is. Stout and wide.

The color is dark-green pearl-shimmery. I am not so good at describing such complicated polish color. Bottomline… So pretty.

Ahem... please pretend not to see that blotch of polish on the side of my nail.... moving on...
And the formula is heavenly. It spreads evenly and dries fast. Pretty opaque, two coats are enough to create evenly covered nails. Somehow it has this funny floral-something smell…not the regular polish smell. I don’t fancy the smell, but it is not so obtrusive when I’m typing. The funny smell goes away after 2-3 hours.

This picture is 2 coats of Missha polish. Most Korean polish I tried doesn’t really stay long, they either chipped super easily or worn off super fast compared to OPIs. This is does pretty decent job staying on my nail. During lazy days, I use only single coat of Missha and it looks pretty even after 2 days, if I don’t do too much house work. Double coat usually stays nice longer. And mind you, I dont use top coats.

One bummer is the packaging (again). While first it looks pretty, after I open it, I couldn’t resist my urge to twist and close the bottle tightly. And the result…somehow the heart shaped stopper and heart shaped bottle body couldn’t get aligned properly, and the result is just plain funny.

Overall I like this one from Missha…a lot! While the price is more expensive than other brands I got in Korea, this is still waaay cheaper than OPIs or Essies.

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