Monday, February 2, 2015

Etude House Color in Liquid Liquid Lipcolor

Getting ready for spring requires stockpiling fresh, poppy colors dont you think? Etude House got the answer! Look at the color range of this liquid lipcolor! 

Etude House claims this liquid lipcolor gives 'A melted liquefied lipstick with the intense color and high shine to make provocative yet lovely sheer lips. The cushiony water-sliding texture makes lips look supple and hydrated.'

I am curious how an intense colored product will give lovely sheer lips...

The colors, on the other hand, are pretty.... Etude signature pastels, bold reds and even purples! I am drooling over PK 006 and PK 007! What about you?



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    1. The color is pretty and poppy. I've tried & reviewed it already here: