Saturday, January 21, 2012

Appleface Winnie the Pooh Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

Who doesn’t adore Winnie the Pooh? I don’t exactly need another tube of sunscreen… but Winnie was calling!
Appleface is a Taiwanese brand, which often collaborate with Disney to make cute lotions and potions… Other than that, I don’t have much info on the brand. The Winnie sunscreen I got was made in Taiwan.
Ah…I cant stop adoring that cute Winnie face on the tube! Makes sunscreen application more fun! Too bad the ‘Pooh’ on its cap was just a sticker. 
Now I don’t read mandarin much – but judging from the pictures in the packaing it seems that it is meant to be waterproof (to use during swimming and other sports) and safe for kids- but hey…don’t quote me here.
The sunscreen itself is standard thick white cream you apply liberally on your skin before sun drenched activities and don’t forget to re apply after a few hours baking under the sun! it is sticky – as I expected from waterproof suncreens. Other than that…it is nothing special really.
Bottom line, thanks to Winnie – I purchased this one! No Winnie, no purchase for me.
Kinda forgot how much does this cost… I got it in Sasa during my recent travel to Taiwan.

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