Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Etude House Wannabe Lumi-Ball Highlighter

I fell in love with this collection from Etude the moment I saw the pictures online! Very chic and totally pretty...

Wannabe is Etude's winter 2011 collections which consist of a palette, cute lipsticks (reviewed here), nail polish and many othr things... even eyelashes!  Lumi-Ball is the Highlighter.

The packaging of this one totally reminds me of Christmas baubles! Clear, lovely, pretty baubles. The baubles contains a puff and thin coarse sponge to separate the powder pearls with the puff.

Unfortunately, the puff is very hard to use. I can't seem to pick up suitable amount of powder with the puff. So I uses my trusty ecotools brush instead.

The concept of Lumi-Ball is similar with Guerlain Meteorites. There's several types of pearls
In various sizes. Matte big white ones, pearly white small ones and golden-pearly small ones too. Just swirl in your brush or the puff , and you are ready to apply it on your face.

I was hoping this product would make my skin glow, no shimmer. Unfotunately, this does the latter. The shimmer particles were too big for may liking. And the matte white pearls turn out to be too white and opaque. Upon application, it looks like I has just applied too much baby powder on. I need to blend it out evenly.

I find the pearls to be too powdery. Slight touch of brush would pick up more powder than I asked for.

This is not something I can wear often. Most probably I will use this as body Highlighter instead, since the shimmer particles are big. So, unless you are die hard collector of Etude's seasonal releases, I'd suggest you to skip this one.

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