Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Make Up Academy Gel Eyeliner in Glitzy Ensemble

Another one from Make Up Academy! I am currently exploring this budget Brand and so far, I had fun! This time I’m playing with Gel Eyeliner.

The gel eyeliner is supposed to be super pigmented in a slick packaging. MUA claims the product will not budge once it is applied! I am excited! For my oily lids in humid weather, this might be an alternative to my trusty MAC aqualiners!

One thing for sure, I totally agree that the packaging is super practical. The brush is hidden nicely within the cap of the bottle. This way, I wont be worrying about lost or forgetting bringing my gel liner brush while travelling.

Now the color… it is not exactly pigmented, but it is indeed sparkly. The texture is creamy and glides easily. Piling up color can be a challenge, as the liner is more to the sheer side.

I was rather disappointed with the longevity. Usually gel liner lasts longer, but not this one. It easily glides off my eyelids by lunchtime. Good thing is, the sparkles doesn’t fall on my cheeks in the progress.


Sparkly pretty color, too bad it doesn’t last long enough on my oily lids. 

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