Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Etude House Color Pop Shine Tint in 09 Wonder Pop Bling in The Sea

I am not denying it … I am in love with glossy stains the moment I tried YSL’s original version. And I bet the Koreans agree with me…. Look at the variations each brand seems to be churning this summer… from Etude House to Innisfree … all offers you varieties of colors!

The Color POP starts as pre fall collection from Etude House encompassing variations of oranges and tangerine colors (review here). Now, I am thrilled to know that they come in variety of pinks! How I love pinks! This baby I picked, belong to Bling in The Sea Summer 2013 launch

As the previous Color POP Shine Tint, the plastic bottle is white in color. It has heart shaped applicator for precise application. I have no complaints against this, as the application takes enough product each time.

09 Wonder Pop is lovely bright and glossy fuschia pink… the type of color which will brighten up my face the moment I apply it! I am loving it. Pigmentation is lovely… it wont apply as creamy as it appears in the tube, but by no means the pigment is diluted.

When applied directly, on lips it appears super bright. To get more office friendly subtler color, I apply it with my fingers. Yes… it results in pink finger tips… but the I am loving the color on my lips when applied like this. This lip swatch below is made with fingertips application.

The glossiness stays up to lunch time on me… and I drink lots of tea in between! After lunch, the glossiness is gone and the stain appears faded, but for those loving subtler color, I do think you don’t have to re-apply, as the color faded evenly.

The color is no doubt super staining. The right most hand swatch shows the pigment left after I wiped out the product of my skin only after leaving it here for approximately 10 minutes. It certainly stains fast.

Unlike YSL or L’oreal version, I don’t find the color of this Shine Tint to develop over time. It stays the same if not fading as time goes by. On me, this baby stays glossy until lunch time. Glossiness went away after lunch, but the tint is still there, albeit faded. It doesn’t feel dry or moisturizing either.


Vibrant color and gloss is what you will get from this baby! It is pretty neutral to my lips (not drying or not moisturizing). 

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