Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX BeBe Lip Mask

A new trend is on the rage in Korea…  cue from the existence of similar product from The Face Shop and Etude House. I’m sure sooner other brands will follow. Ladies and gents, I’m going to try the lip mask! 

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picture from:
Yes, the Korean cosmetic brands think we need more mask in our beauty life. We have the generic sheet face mask, the indulging gel eye mask, the borderline annoying hand mask… and now, lip mask. 

These days my lips is as dry as Sahara, so I grabbed this baby from The Face Shop. 

Each pack contains a set of gel-with-muslin cloth backing mask. One shaped for your upper lip and one for the lower lip.

Upon opening, the gel mask pieces are safely nestled in hard plastic ‘casing’, which you need to open. Then you have to peel both hard plastic backings, to reveal the gel-muslin cloth mask. Put it on your clean lips for 10-20 minutes. As simple as that. 

Now the result…  here’s my before and after… and, please..., pardon the chapped lips....

I can definitely feel that my lip is softer and a little plumper than before. To seal in this effect, I applied lip balm after rinsing the residual ‘serum’ with water. 

I can say I am happy with the result. This could be my lifesaver during bad-lips-days. yes, will repurchase when needed.

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