Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kose Cosmeport Rose of Heaven Aquary Gel UV SPF 25 PA++

Another one from Kose’s Rose of Heaven series! This candied rose fragranced line consists of many things… hair care, creams and now sunblock too. I adore the candied rose fragrance in some of the products, while not a big fun in some other. I guess the different formula and intensity of the fragrance makes the lines smell similar to each other but not exactly the same, especially when worn on skin.
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Compared to other sunblock milks or gels from other Japanese brands, the bottle of this one is huge. It contains 90mL in contrast to the regular 30-50 mL.
The product itself is a light milky gel, which feels wonderfully cooling when applied.  My skin feels softer and more moisturized after application. I think this gel might contain a little menthol, as I feel light pleasant tingly coolness after application.
Candied honeyed rose fragrance here is not so intensive, yet it will compete with other fragrance if you are using any.
fun fragrant and cooling sunblock. perfect for beachy holidays when i just dont want to add extra grammes in my bag for perfume. i wont wear this when i am wearning perfume, though...

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