Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Magic Pink Powder Mask

Ah… who can say no to packaging as cute as this. Just like my other purchases from The Face Shop or any Korean cosmetic brands … they were largely on impulse, courtesy of the super cute packaging. Dang… I don’t even have extra space in my sink to place this cute tub! Winking blue thing with a band aid on its forehead… how cute! Not to mention the plastic tub looks and feels sturdy too!

Ahem, yes... the product… the mask is a trio… one in smiley coral (Waterful Grapefruit), freckly yellow (Pore purifying Gasshoul) and mine: winking blue Magic Pink Powder. Magic Pink contains calamine and alicyclic acid to ease various skin problems.

I have been fond of calamine based stuff since I tried Lush’s Aqua Marina cleanser and Dreamwash. Especially Dreamwash… I just love the feeling it leaves my skin after sudsing up with it! Back to the mask, the color and texture is light non-dense cream, almost mousse like. The thick mousse mask does smell fresh, making it enjoyable to use.

My skin feels fresh after using this baby. Cooling and refreshing, especially on humid days. The nice thing is, it doesn’t make my skin feel taut after using. Unfortunately, for the easing skin problems claim, I couldn’t verify it, as right now, my skin is having its good skin days…

Fun mask for summers and humid days. Plus the cute packaging, this is irresistible for me, yet it is not essential. I am happy to have it, yet not dying without it. Repurchase? Most probably yes, if I couldn’t find better calamine based mask when I run out. 

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