Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jil Stuart Gel Eye Liner in 05 Gold Shell

Honestly, I have always stayed away from Jil Stuart for one reason: sheer pastel colors, shimmers and more glitters. The brand somehow manages to be strongly associated with pastel colors and glitters in my mind. And I love me some pigmented colors!

But… when I need eye liner for my lower lash line… I want something light which just opens my eyes more. So, I do think I need something pastel (Jil Stuart) with shimmer and glitters (also, Jil Stuart). So ... why not  try something from Jil? Plus, I love gel liners…they are precise, easy to manage and most of the time stays put on my rich oil-field eye lids. Plus… not many companies sell pastel gel liner.

Jil Stuart promises rich color and luster plus precise application. Just what I expected from my gel liners, even though in my experience with gel liners, the precise part is affected more by the brush used.
Here, I applied it with my trusty Kate gel liner brush. So cheap, so simple, so easy to use. I love this brush so much, I owned 3-4 back ups in my stash!

Ahem… yes, back to Jil’s liner… the packaging is no doubt going to be one of the prettiest, the girliest in my make up cupboard. Even the pink box is carefully embossed with design. And I just adore the frosted glass design.

Gold shell is pale cold gold with shimmers. From certain angle, it looks metallic, with that subtle shimmers sprinkled. I detected a whiff of fruity floral fragrance when I opened the tub. Why do you need a fragranced eye liner… only the people in Jil Stuart know.

The consistency is heavenly to use. I don’t have to dig deep to pick enough color on my brush. Single swipe is pigmented enough to give my eyes that needed pop.


Definite repurchase! Love the color and the texture. Still puzzled with the fragrance, but who cares… my eyes doesn’t smell any fragrance anyways.

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