Monday, October 22, 2012

Kose Nature & Co. Three Butters Lip Balm

This tiny baby comes from Nature & Co., natural-themed brand from Japanese giant, Kose. Right now, Nature & Co. offers 5 lines of products: Pure White, Vital Purity, Mint & Tea, Three Butters and Honey Blend. Of course, each line is dedicated to certain problem/needs of your skin or hair. Three butters has both face and body care products.

Meant for delicate, sensitive lips, the balm is packed with many natural ingredients like olive oil, safflower, cocoa seed oil and shea butter. Some of these ingredients are organic too.

First, I don’t need another lipbalm…. But I picked this up… since I adore the packaging so much. The small 5.8 gr brown jar is vintage looking and pretty. It is made of light plastic, yet feels hard and sturdy.

The balm itself is hard yet glossy. It melts upon contact with skin, so you don’t have to dig deep to get the balm. I find little goes along way, since it is so glossy. Unlike my trusty badger balm, I don’t think this is suitable for lipstick base… again, since it is glossy. To be used on top of the lippie, it is suitable.

Even though the packaging listed fragrance, I didn’t smell or taste discernable fragrance or taste. There is faint herby smell, but I wont detect it unless I bury my nose in the jar.

I rarely use balm/gloss on top of my lippie. So, I wont use this as much as other more base-suitable balms I own. However, I found that it made excellent cuticle balm and elbow balm. My dry patchy elbow loves this balm! Plus, due to the small size, I don’t feel guilty chucking it in my cosmetic pouch.

Another nice addition for my pouch. I like it as cuticle and elbow balm, but I don’t like it that much that I would repurchase. 

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