Saturday, January 21, 2012

Appleface Winnie the Pooh Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

Who doesn’t adore Winnie the Pooh? I don’t exactly need another tube of sunscreen… but Winnie was calling!
Appleface is a Taiwanese brand, which often collaborate with Disney to make cute lotions and potions… Other than that, I don’t have much info on the brand. The Winnie sunscreen I got was made in Taiwan.
Ah…I cant stop adoring that cute Winnie face on the tube! Makes sunscreen application more fun! Too bad the ‘Pooh’ on its cap was just a sticker. 
Now I don’t read mandarin much – but judging from the pictures in the packaing it seems that it is meant to be waterproof (to use during swimming and other sports) and safe for kids- but hey…don’t quote me here.
The sunscreen itself is standard thick white cream you apply liberally on your skin before sun drenched activities and don’t forget to re apply after a few hours baking under the sun! it is sticky – as I expected from waterproof suncreens. Other than that…it is nothing special really.
Bottom line, thanks to Winnie – I purchased this one! No Winnie, no purchase for me.
Kinda forgot how much does this cost… I got it in Sasa during my recent travel to Taiwan.

Kose Visee Glossy Nude Rouge – Visee feat Smacky Glam in Bitter Beige BE 305

I totally adore Visee’s collaboration with Japanese fashion brands! Usually this will result in adorable packaging and pretty, easy to wear make up range! Unfortunately, it is not the easiest to get hold of these collections for me. Not so long time ago, I saw this baby in stock in, and I just grabbed it!
Visee is a drugstore brand from Kose. Don’t let the drugstore status fool you! Japanese drugstore stuff are actually of good quality and most of the time- totally worth the money!
Now, I have no idea what kind of brand is Smacky Glam. But from the look of it – looks like it has some kind of retro boho feel. See those flowers printed on the gloss tube!
On to the gloss… it is not the most pigmented gloss I’ve seen. And, unfortunately for me, like most nude gloss I’ve tried – Bitter Beige clings to my lip lines-making my lips look wrinkly and ugly. I guess this issue roots from its less sticky formula. Definitely not as sticky/heavy as MAC lipglass (my favorite lipglass- the pink Viva Glam Gaga, which has sticky formula, doesn’t cling to my liplines) and not light as MAC cremesheen or YSL glosses. I suppose applying lip pencil or nude  lipstick will help overcome this problem.
Wear time is very short. The nude color pretty much wears off by the 2nd hour of wear.
For me, this is not a love. But those who love to wear nude lippies- this will the perfect product to add glossy sheen on your lips!
-          I am not affiliated to, I just love to shop there. The service is good, fast and reliable~

Friday, January 20, 2012

Revlon Colorburst Gloss in 018 Fire

Colorburst range from Revlon is my most favorite drugstore brand lip color so far! The lipsticks are nicely pigmented and light. The glosses I tried so far are nice as well.
This time, I purchased Fire- crème fire engine red. I do think this will fit any skintone-if you are confident enough to rock red. The pigmentation doesn’t disappoint – it is super pigmented, only thin layer is needed to make nice, even red lips. As with my previous Colorburst glosses – it is not too moisturizing, yet not drying-just nice. It is not one of those heavy-sticky kind of lip gloss.
Fire lasted 2-3 hours on me – with my frequent tea sipping. I have no trouble of the color migrating around, even without lip pencil as base. It is nice that the color doesn’t clump or pool on my lip lines.  In the end of 2-3 hours, it leaves a nice red stain on my lips.
In summary…
Perfect lipgloss for those who want bold red lip! Good option for those wanting to experiment with red too- if you don’t like it too loud just apply lightly then blot with tissue…voila! Nicely stained lips!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Skinfood Vita Tok lipstick in PK01 Dorothy Berry

Skinfood products always appeal me for their natural-vintage style packaging. Skinfood is Korean brand claiming to use good stuff as ingredient which will be good ‘food’ for your skin–hence the name: skinfood!
This time Skinfood brings you Vita Tok lipstick, which promises to bring you watercolor like lippies- vibrant colors and shine for kissable lips! Sounds good to me… this range comes rather wide variety of colors from deeper reds, magentas, pinks to beiges.

Packaging wise- this is not very skinfood. They uses clear plastic as caps of the lippies. the tube is sealed with clear plastic packaging which you need to rip open to use the lipstick. On the plastic packaging-they slap on Vita Tok sticker. Even though it is made of plastic, it doesn’t feel too flimsy or cheap.

On to the color – Doroty Berry is bright pink-magenta, color which appeals to me more and more lately. The lippie itself is buildable- sheer tint like if you swipe lightly or bright magenta if swiped more. I like the color.
Unfortunately, I don’t think it lives to the ‘kissable’ promise! This one transfers very easily to rim of my tea cup- don’t think it will not transfer to your loved ones cheeks…  it is not  as shiny/glossy as I would like the lippie to be as well. The nice thing is-it glides easily on my lips.
It lasts about 2-3 hours on me. After about 2-3 hours it leaves my lips nicely stained with magenta.
In summary…
Rather nice to have, if you can get this as near as the retail price in Korea. But more expensive than Revlon’s colorburst lippie range- I’d rather go for colorburst.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Among the cleansing oil brands – think there’s only 2 legendary ones: Shu Uemura and Fancl. Both Japanese – both … pricey! That’s why, being someone who loves good ol’ cleanser and cotton pad, in the beginning , the idea of not using cotton pad to cleanse is just unthinkable to me. So I am ‘learning’ to use cleansing oils, staring with more economical options like those from drugstore brands. So far, I am not liking it, nor disliking it. 
But, when I saw offers special price for Fancl – I finally take the plunge! And I am not regretting a single bit!
Fancl is Japanese brand famous for not using preservative. So, this purchase was a big commitment to me – I have to finish it within 3 months or so, once I opened the bottle. Else, I heard… the oil will go rancid. And it also means, no hauling! I can buy them en masse during sale too! Might cause heartaches in the future- if I liked this cleansing oil.
Fancl cleansing oil truly delivers! I love the light oil consistency – not heavy nor too watery. I used 2 pumps to clean my bulletproof MAC fluidline eyeliner and missile proof Heroine Kiss Me Long & Curl mascara! Dry face, dry hands – spread the oil – light massage on areas with waterproof make up – then rinse with water to emulsify. Once it gets in contact with water, the clear oil turns little cloudy.
No taut feeling, no oily feeling too! How lovely! My super oily T zone feels fresh too! Usually I would prefer to wash again with my regular facial cleanser after cleaning up with make up remover, this one – I actually skipped my cleanser and proceed to light moisturizer!
And for those sensitive to fragrance, rejoice! This cleansing oil totally smells like… nothing. I cant detect any fragrance at all!
Bottom line… totally worth it! I am slowly making this a staple!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Kate Rouge HG in RS11

I havent been a fan of Kate’s lip products since the last time I tried their lipgloss. But upon bumping to Kate Rouge HG’s sleek design, I decided to give this a try.
Kate comes from Kanebo – it is a drug store brand with edgy flair. I like their gel eyeliner the most!
Rouge HG promises rich, long lasting moisture. Something I am looking for in lipsticks.
Like most Japanese drugstore products, it comes packaged in clear plastic box. The tube is black square with stripey texture. Simple, sleek and pretty to look at. Instant love for me. It is light, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.
I picked up RS11, cool toned pink-magenta with a dash of shimmer. The rouge itself is rather sheer, allowing your lip natural color peek thru. RS11 makes my lips appear glossy without too much shimmer-in fact, I cant really see the shimmer once I applied it on my lips. I adore the color as I think it instantly brightened up my complexion. I’m wearing RS11 with little dark eyeliner and light blush. Perfect for lazy days. 

Now the texture… I feel little drag when applying, but don’t it doesn’t feel waxy at all. It feels light, yet I can still feel im wearing lipstick. It doesn’t dry my lips, but I don’t feel like it gives moisture or protection as much as my lipbalm does.
After a while (2-3 hours) the color just faded and the lipstick feeling faded too… but…it leaves pretty light stain on my lips. I love the resulting stain!
Like many Japanese lipsticks… it has no fragrance or taste.
Overall… I like this one, the color and the texture and the price! Wished it gives more no-lipstick feeling, but I cant complain, looking at the price!
Should have gotten more colors back then!
Purchased mine in Sasa during my travel.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Candy Doll Lipstick in Ramune Pink

Another one from the ever popular, always doe-eyed Tsubasa! Previously I tried her eye-make up centric brand, Dolly Wink. Now, I am eager to try Candy Doll! I love Dolly Wink’s eye liner and mascara!
Both brands have this cute-girly feel. I think the difference lies in the type of product the brands offer. Candy Doll offer wider variety of stuff- from make up base, blush to lippies.
Honestly, part of the appeal of this line is Tsubasa’s face slapped on its packaging. Without Tsubasa’s picture there, I wont know this line is from her. Packaging is not as cute as Dolly Wink, and there’s less Tsubasa around…not that I am complaining.
The lippie itself is housed in clear plastic packaging, which protects the light, rather flimsy tube. This really feel cheap ..again, if it were not for Tsubasa and curiosity, I wont purchase this one.
Ramune pink is nude-pink, which I think will suit most ladies with fair skin. Pigmentation is pretty good for such pale lipstick. Lasts about 3 hours on me with my regular tea sipping.

Unfortunately, this lippie will accentuate dry lips. During my dry lips days I will apply Ramune Pink as usual, then blot lightly with tissue paper to soften up the color and even up the application.
Texture wise it is nice. Not drying but not moisturizing either. Glides with ease. No perfume or taste too!
Overall, I do like this one when I’m not having dry lip days. The drawback is just that light cheap feeling packaging….
I purchased this from Sasa during my recent travel.