Monday, January 16, 2012

Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

Among the cleansing oil brands – think there’s only 2 legendary ones: Shu Uemura and Fancl. Both Japanese – both … pricey! That’s why, being someone who loves good ol’ cleanser and cotton pad, in the beginning , the idea of not using cotton pad to cleanse is just unthinkable to me. So I am ‘learning’ to use cleansing oils, staring with more economical options like those from drugstore brands. So far, I am not liking it, nor disliking it. 
But, when I saw offers special price for Fancl – I finally take the plunge! And I am not regretting a single bit!
Fancl is Japanese brand famous for not using preservative. So, this purchase was a big commitment to me – I have to finish it within 3 months or so, once I opened the bottle. Else, I heard… the oil will go rancid. And it also means, no hauling! I can buy them en masse during sale too! Might cause heartaches in the future- if I liked this cleansing oil.
Fancl cleansing oil truly delivers! I love the light oil consistency – not heavy nor too watery. I used 2 pumps to clean my bulletproof MAC fluidline eyeliner and missile proof Heroine Kiss Me Long & Curl mascara! Dry face, dry hands – spread the oil – light massage on areas with waterproof make up – then rinse with water to emulsify. Once it gets in contact with water, the clear oil turns little cloudy.
No taut feeling, no oily feeling too! How lovely! My super oily T zone feels fresh too! Usually I would prefer to wash again with my regular facial cleanser after cleaning up with make up remover, this one – I actually skipped my cleanser and proceed to light moisturizer!
And for those sensitive to fragrance, rejoice! This cleansing oil totally smells like… nothing. I cant detect any fragrance at all!
Bottom line… totally worth it! I am slowly making this a staple!

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