Friday, January 6, 2012

Kate Rouge HG in RS11

I havent been a fan of Kate’s lip products since the last time I tried their lipgloss. But upon bumping to Kate Rouge HG’s sleek design, I decided to give this a try.
Kate comes from Kanebo – it is a drug store brand with edgy flair. I like their gel eyeliner the most!
Rouge HG promises rich, long lasting moisture. Something I am looking for in lipsticks.
Like most Japanese drugstore products, it comes packaged in clear plastic box. The tube is black square with stripey texture. Simple, sleek and pretty to look at. Instant love for me. It is light, but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy.
I picked up RS11, cool toned pink-magenta with a dash of shimmer. The rouge itself is rather sheer, allowing your lip natural color peek thru. RS11 makes my lips appear glossy without too much shimmer-in fact, I cant really see the shimmer once I applied it on my lips. I adore the color as I think it instantly brightened up my complexion. I’m wearing RS11 with little dark eyeliner and light blush. Perfect for lazy days. 

Now the texture… I feel little drag when applying, but don’t it doesn’t feel waxy at all. It feels light, yet I can still feel im wearing lipstick. It doesn’t dry my lips, but I don’t feel like it gives moisture or protection as much as my lipbalm does.
After a while (2-3 hours) the color just faded and the lipstick feeling faded too… but…it leaves pretty light stain on my lips. I love the resulting stain!
Like many Japanese lipsticks… it has no fragrance or taste.
Overall… I like this one, the color and the texture and the price! Wished it gives more no-lipstick feeling, but I cant complain, looking at the price!
Should have gotten more colors back then!
Purchased mine in Sasa during my travel.

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