Thursday, January 5, 2012

Candy Doll Lipstick in Ramune Pink

Another one from the ever popular, always doe-eyed Tsubasa! Previously I tried her eye-make up centric brand, Dolly Wink. Now, I am eager to try Candy Doll! I love Dolly Wink’s eye liner and mascara!
Both brands have this cute-girly feel. I think the difference lies in the type of product the brands offer. Candy Doll offer wider variety of stuff- from make up base, blush to lippies.
Honestly, part of the appeal of this line is Tsubasa’s face slapped on its packaging. Without Tsubasa’s picture there, I wont know this line is from her. Packaging is not as cute as Dolly Wink, and there’s less Tsubasa around…not that I am complaining.
The lippie itself is housed in clear plastic packaging, which protects the light, rather flimsy tube. This really feel cheap ..again, if it were not for Tsubasa and curiosity, I wont purchase this one.
Ramune pink is nude-pink, which I think will suit most ladies with fair skin. Pigmentation is pretty good for such pale lipstick. Lasts about 3 hours on me with my regular tea sipping.

Unfortunately, this lippie will accentuate dry lips. During my dry lips days I will apply Ramune Pink as usual, then blot lightly with tissue paper to soften up the color and even up the application.
Texture wise it is nice. Not drying but not moisturizing either. Glides with ease. No perfume or taste too!
Overall, I do like this one when I’m not having dry lip days. The drawback is just that light cheap feeling packaging….
I purchased this from Sasa during my recent travel.

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