Saturday, March 3, 2012

Etude House Shini Star Clear Pact

I was so excited when these arrived in my doorsteps, I had to blog a short review about it. This spring 2012 release consist of the Clear Pact, BB lotion and 5 colored lip balms. All endorsed by Korean boy band, SHINee. 

The Clear Pact comes in 2 shades: 1 Peach and 2 Lavender. I picked lavender for sheer curiosity. They say this pact is moist pressed powder to subdue facial oil to promote soft, luminous skin. Also contains colostrum extract protects the skin from dehydration with no irritation and prevents the loss of moisture in the skin cell layer to maintain the health of skin.

Colostrum is pretty much first batch of milk produced by cow shortly after calf’s birth. Since I was a kid this colostrums has been hailed to have various property such as strengthen immune system and being nutritious. As far as I can remember, colostrum is to be eaten, not slathered on face…which makes this compact powder all more interesting.

First of all…the shade. It is really light lavender with soft shimmer!it pretty much doesn’t give any coverage, but still, I have to blend it properly if I don’t want to look ashy. I do think this is not for beauties with deeper skin tone. Overall, it gives my skin sheen, light glow. When sniffed closely, this compact has light floral fragrance- which goes undetectable when applied.

 I don’t see this powder providing me any oil control at all… my T zone goes only after 1-2 hours – that’s just like me only wearing light moisturizer. I cant really share much about its moisturizing property, as my skin is not dry.

nice cute compact if you want powder that give your skin light glow... but not if you expect oil control.

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