Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Etude House – Look at My Lips # 5 Pink Holic and #12

Ever since I got to know Miss Tangerine collection from Etude house, I have been waiting and anticipating for their seasonal collections. For 2011, Etude, still with Sandara Park as its model, released Aloha collection. Beachy, fun, bright –themed make up collections. It includes this lipstick! Different packaging design with (may be) new formula? Either way, I love the packaging. 
The tube looks so pretty with patterned pink metallic tube enclosed in hard plastic case. They took care of details too this time! The lipstick bullet has ‘my lips’ engraved to it. Cute!
#12  (couldnt get the english translation) is almost pale neon creamy apricot with a dash of pink in the tube. however, it subdues to sheer soft apricot on my lips. I like this one for the fact that it doesnt pool on  my lip lines.

#5 Pink Holic is neon magenta-pink! So bright! Pigmentation in this one is really good! Single swipe is enough to make your lips pop nicely.
Unfortunately, the formula is not as nice as the color… it doesn’t glide – not because it is waxy, but because the formula is not ‘smooth’, there’s a little grainy-ness about it. And on me, it was rather drying. Within an hour it feels uncomfortable to wear already. And the formula tends to accentuate chapped lips- make sure you scrub well before applying this one. Balm as a base would help smoothen the application too.

But I gotta salute Pink Holic's longevity. the bright pink tint lasted 3-4 hours! even after snacking and tea sipping.
Bottomline… nice color, too bad – it lacks in comfortable, moisturizing formula. To improve this, i topped the lippie with my favorite pale pink gloss or clear gloss.

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