Saturday, March 3, 2012

Etude House Wannabe Style Making Kit

This pretty palette is part of very cute winter 2011 release from etude house called Wannabe. All Wannabe products features illustration by Annika Wester.

Previously, I tried Wannabe's Lumiball highlighter, Lipsticks and Nail polish set.

This matte black plastic palette is surprisingly quite well by it. It feels substantial and it holds quite a lot of products too! And thie big.... I love big mirrors! Unfortunately it couldn't open flat, making it hard to apply and hold the palette at the same time.

Upon opening, you will see the mirror and 8 eye shadows and 2 lip colors. The eye shadows are all glittery...chunky glitters that cause a bit of fall off. There's warm baby oink with golden glitter, dark lavender with silver glitter, army green with sublet golden glitter, cold brown with silver glitter, warm brown with dark golden glitter, sheer white crystal glitter, shimmery dark grey and cold baby pink with iridescent shimmer. To complete this side, Theres coral pink creme lip color and mauve pink lip color. The shadows are sooooo sheer.those fancy sheer glittery looks will love this. I don't really like the texture too.. Kinda rough and gritty. Doesnt last very long on my oily lids too...the colors faded easily. The lip colors are too sheer for my liking as well...and I don't think can get away using them as cheek color as these are creamy and my cheeks are just accentuate the oilyness... But I love the colors as cheek color!

The drawer like compartment below opens when pulled. Took me quite a while to master opening it up, as it is pretty thight. It comes with 4 double ended sponge applicator (which I will never use, I'm all about fingertip application), glittery champagne creme Highlighter, yellowish beige and pale baby pink concealers, brown and black cream liner. One of the best thing in this palette (beside that wonderful big mirror) is the cream Highlighter. It is shimmer packed and sheer, you really don't need much. It blends nicely and easily.
The concealers are very creamy and pigmented. Too bad it only suit those with fair skin. Eye liners featured here are rather sheer... Like my liners pigment this is certainy not my cup of tea.

Bottomline... If sheer glittery colors are your style, b all means this palette is a fun palette to own. For me personally, I like pigments, so this is not of high value for me. Plus the fall out is just too much for me.

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