Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain in 14 Fuchsia Dore

Whoa.... That's a mouthful name!

I have been waiting for this forever since I saw the promo pictures! YSL says this is for those who wants all....stain, lipstick, gloss... All in one! I say fantastic!

The launch includes 20 colors from the pale pinks to the bold reds. Now, I won't talk much about the packaging, except that it is very YSL with gold caps and all. One thing I gotta say is.... I am loving the applicator! The flat pointy tipped applicator is very easy to use. Especially for darker color.. Where You definitely want precise application. And the window makes it easier for me to pick the right color and how much product I have left in my precious tube.

The color I picked is 14 fuchsia Dore, bold fuchsia with super soft golden shimmer in the tube. But it does develop to deeper color with not much golden shimmer visible when applied. However, it is certainly glossy, even with single streak.

The product is fragranced, similar fragrance with other Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks. Nice floral fragrance,but not too strong. Just pleasant enough to sniff upon application. The fragrance dissipates after application. I don't detect any taste in this.

The color definitely sets fast... I wiped off my hand swatch about 5 minutes after initial application, and it leaves nicely stained skin (see right most swatch above). The color is similar to its state before I wiped it off.

One more thing, the color develops on lips... I find it goes a little deeper then it appears in bottle. Since this is rather pricey, I do recommend swatching them first before buying one... Especially if you prefer paler softer colors.

On my lip, it is certainly comfortable. I don't need more than single swipe to get the pigmented color and lovely gloss. It doesnt give off Mac lip glass-esque gloss...more subltle but still glossy.

The color stays on me at least for half day with all eating and tea sipping. It is non sticky and doesnt pool to the crevices of my lips like man glosses do. It stays even for long time. Doesnt dry my lips too.

Bottom line...
This is really wonderful... Totally worth my money. Delivers the pigment, the longevity and the gloss. I am off to get more colors!

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