Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skinfood Red Orange Jelly BB SPF 20 PA++

This one is part of skin food's red orange series. I just can't stop adoring hr orange-rose gold design of this series.

This essentially a jelly pudding textured bb cream. The texture really remind me of soft chocolate mousse dessert. Yum! And I just love the fact that it sits in a frosted glass jar. The bb jelly promises moisturizing benefits.

Now, one thing that really disappoints me is the fact that it doesn't come with it's own spatula or something I can use to pick up the jelly with. I just don't like the idea of dipping my fingers into a jar of foundation.

My disappointment aside, I actually love this product! It is light and blends nicely and smoothly. I just love to play with the gives me light medium coverage, just the way I like my bb cream to be. However, it is not as moisturizing as I expected moisturizing products to be. Yet, I enjoyed it...since it gives me fresh yet matte skin.not only looking fresh, but also feeling fresh! I need to blot only after 3 -4 hours.

 Sensitive skin, please beware, as this product is scented with fresh orange fragrance. The scent disappears after blending thou.

This is really something I am going to wear daily. The texture is fun, the finish is matte and fresh. I am soooo going to repurchase. Unfortunately it only comes in 2 shades...just like most other Korean brands. So, deeper skin toned beauties won't be able to enjoy this as much as I do...what a pity

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