Friday, April 13, 2012

Madison Street Beauty Mineral Eye Shadows

Recently I activated my etsy account in search of a dose of cute food miniature jewelry. Instead, I found Madison Street Beauty shop. They were having 60% sale, and I tought…hm…I could use a few more purples in my collection… (which of course, I ended up purchasing more than purples)

The company claims that all the products are natural. Etsy site displayed that MSB have thousands sales record, so I figured this must be a trusted company. Aside from the eye shadows, they offer powders, blushes, lip balms and more. 

I got a few of their mineral eye shadow sample sized tub. One lovely thing from them is the tub! I cant imagine purchasing samples in plastic bags! How on earth am I going to keep them, or take the product out of the bag? Messy messy I envisioned… so, yes, the tub is a great help and another reason why I go on purchasing this as well. 

First, the purples…
038 Wisteria is sheer pinkish purple duochrome with shimmer – easy to pick and breezy to blend
035 Japanese Lily is sheer matte baby purple – I find it hard to pick the color out of the tub of this one. And it seems to sink in my skin and make it appear like bruised skin…not flattering on me at all
036 Amethyst is dark deep purple with shimmer- almost duochrome – I love this one as liner color, very easy to work with
040 Heliotrope is matte neon deep purple – another hard to pick hard to blend color. May be I just don’t have any idea how to use this kind of color. Again, it looks like bruised skin on me.

Now the Blues-Greens …
016 Electric Periwinkle is a truly electric matte cobalt blue. Pigmented and I find it not so easy to work with.
050 Mermaid is shimmery teal. Medium pigmentation. Of the whole lot I got, this is my favorite color
068 Emerald is deep mossy forest green with shimmer with good pigmentation. Another love for this one
076 Enchanted Forest is forest green with a dash of slate and shimmer. Lovely color and consistency!

Finally, the random colors I picked just because…
055 Apricot is apricot-tangerine shimmering color. Another one with lovely texture
002 Celestial Silver is pigmented shimmery silver, most pigmented silver I owned so far. But it doesn’t give the molten metal effect.
026 Skyline is black with silver shimmer. Just like milky way in dark black sky. Another lovely one, even though I don’t have any idea what to make of it 

Across all colors I owned from MSB, I find the matte pigments to be harder to blend – they tend to form soft tiny balls in the tub too.  The metallic and shimmers are lovely.

The Etsy shop has swatch of every colors, however I do think at times the swatches doesn’t do the lovely shadows justice. I do recommend purchasing the sample sizes first before plunging to full sized items. 

Another lovely thing… they ship ultra fast! I think this is the fastest Etsy shipping I have ever received!

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