Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sephora + Pantone universe make up set

The moment I saw the promo pictures for this babies... I totally drool for it. After a month plus of waiting... I got my very own set! I cant be more excited!

Prior to Pantone universe, I never thought poppy bold unapologetically tangerine would be wearable to mere mortals like myself. But hey... This set changes my mind. It contains a lippie, lip gloss, 4 colors eye shadow palette, 3 shades of blush and an eyeliner.

The first thing I grabbed is the lipstick. Housed in sturdy metal tube, the lipstick in tangerine tango cream is sheer yet build able bold tangerine shade with dash of little shimmer. One swipe is all it needs to give you glossy poppy tangerine lips. It glides nicely and have sweet fruit scent. To make it more wearable, I blot my lopsided lightly, and it makes my lips just nicely tinted.
 (wearing lipstick in tangerine tango cream)
The lip gloss in tangerine tango luminous has then same scent like tie lipstick. The color is similar to the lipstick, but with more golden shimmer. This baby is totally opaque.
 (wearing lipgloss in tangerine tango luminous)

(lippie vs gloss swatch)

My favorite item in this set is the blush duo in desert flower and coral. Both color are so pretty and wearable. Unfortunately i destroyed my lovely coral when I stupidly picked it up by the lid and subsequently poked the coral side of the duo with my nails. Sad sad sad. After this hard learnt lesson, I realized, that the best way for me to open my palette safely is by carefully twisting the lid to loosen the magnetic closure. Well well...
 (the blush duo & prisma)

Now the color.. Desert flower is pinky apricot that gives my cheeks health flush. It offer sheer satin finish. My favorite coral is wearable coral with a hint of pink and pretty gold shimmer,very pigmented. You don't have to buff your brush too hard with coral, just tap it lightly to pick up little color. Trust me, little goes along way... I can see working with coral as a pretty eye shadow too!

(blush swatches)

The other blush is called prisma chrome blush in apricot brandy. This baby is housed in much more travel friendly and safe compact with a mirror inside. The shade is tangerine apricot with lovely shimmer. More sheer than coral and less buttery.
(eye products)

The eye shadow quad is another wearable piece of this set. Colors are wonderfully coordinated. Scallop shell is light shimmery champagne. Carnelian is soft blendable sheer tangerine with shimmer, my favorite color in the quad. Sparrow is darkened plum with little shimmer, unfortunately this one is little sheer. Too sheer for my liking to be used as liner, just gonna wear it as crease color. Pavement is black with little shimmer, another sheer color in the quad.
(eye liner in tangerine tango, shadows in scallop, carnelian, sparrow & pavement)

Eyeliner in tangerine tango twist is one of the hardest piece to wear for me. It is a pigmented tangerine with silver shimmer. It doesnt budge once it is applied, even on my oily lids without primer. I usually use it to line my lower lid. Or Couple it with urban decay eye liner in rockstar.

I do think this set is one of the most economical I have ever encountered. The quality is good, the colors are surprisingly wearable. Totally worth it!

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