Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heme Pore Perfect Purifying Gel

I am obsessed with pore care products. The moment I saw this in Sasa Taipei, I just get to grab it...

Heme is Taiwanese brand offering various skin care products. From peel of masks to... Pore Purifying Gel! This product is supposed to conceal pores, enhance firmness and elasticity of skin making skin appear smooth and dewy. Oh... since it contains Witch Hazel-it is also supposed to help with your acne! Sounds heavenly...It is supposed to be applied after cleansing, followed by your regular skincare regime and make up.

first of all, I have to talk about the adorable tub! It is made of clear plastic and has this cute design on top of it. The whole design, color and translucent design makes me feel so calm. I do hope it calms my pores as much as it calms my eyes.

The gel is totally refreshing. it has light minty fragrance and feels immediately cooling after application. I just love using this as light moisturizer on hot days.

But... I dont see it helping my acne or clearing/purifying my pores or whatever... just fun cooling gel. So, unless you dont expect anything else from your gel, this one is perfect for you. If you are like me, expecting some pore cleansing/shrinking action... as far as I'm concerned, I dont see much/any of it.

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