Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Beauty Diary Orange Blossom & White Lotus Sleep Concentrate

My Beauty Diary is one famous Taiwanese brand for its sheet mask. They truly offer good quality wide range of cute sheet masks! And cuteness is one of the main factor I grabbed this Sleep concentrate from Sasa Taipei.

Sleep Concentrate is said to be highly moisturizing and soothing, also protecting your skin from environmental damage. They come in Orange Blossom & White Lotus (peach box), Rose and White Peony (pink one) and green one (I forgot the extract they are using here). Orange blossom & lotus promises me translucent, 'sleek' skin.

This baby is a versatile one! You can apply thinly in the morning as moisturizer, then apply more generously at night as overnight mask. 

The peach colored gel is housed in plastic tub with a tiny plastic spatula for hygienic scooping. I totally enjoyed the fragrance of this mask... it is sweet (not candy sweet) refreshing floral.

It gives cooling effect when applied. I totally enjoyed it during hot humid summer days... be it in the morning or afternoon on in-house lazy days. But it doesnt provide enough moisture for drier days or the air conditioned office. As overnight mask, I find it fun to use, but doenst give me much benefit.

cute, fun addition in my mask/overnight treatment collection during hot summer days-if you can get it at retail price. but it is not really worth it if you are looking for very moisturizing product, especially if you need to pay for the jacked up online prices!

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