Thursday, April 25, 2013

Agnes B Rouge B Perfect ! Lipstick in 686 Fraise Nacree

I was delighted to find Agnes B make up line in my local Monoprix! On the display were arrays of cute little lippie, eye shadows, palette, eye liners and even nail polish. With such sensible price point, I cant resist picking up another lipstick…

Agnes B brand formerly sells bas, accessories and clothes. Recently ( few years back?), the brand started selling make up. This lippie which I picked up promises comfort with voluptuous color! Yum… in the shop I saw quite wide range of color and texture… from nude beige to vampy red. Depending on the color, the lippies might have shimmery or semi matte finish.

First, I am loving the cuteness of this lippie… so small it will fit in to any bag. It houses 3.8 gr of product.
The lipstick itself is very easy to apply, it glides smoothly without being overly creamy or melty. Pigmentation is the way I want my lipstick to be, one swipe delivers perfect color on my lips. It has light floral fragrance, it is not overly remarkable.

Fraise Nacre is sweet sheer pinkish coral with shimmer. In the beginning itt feels comfortable on my lips, however as time progresses, I feel slight dryness. But to be fair, my lips is dry, so, unless the lipstick is super moisturizing, my lips will dry out.  As it is pretty glossy and slippery, it doesn’t last very long on me. The pigment got transferred easily on my cup rim.

I do think this will suit travelling ladies, mainly for the small size. color selection is pretty good as well, I just wish some colors come in few textures…  

Etude House Sweet Recipe Dear My Jelly Lips Talk in JPK002

Another ultra cute launch from Etude! This time, it is gourmand inspired! Creamy looking bases, delectable crème blushes, sweet as sugar eye shadows, gelato nail polishes, candy cane lip balms and… jelly lipsticks!

This babies looks just like Dear My lipstick series Etude House launched sometime last year (if I am not mistaken). But, instead of the feminine pink bow, this time the lippie has clear beads which looks like jelly beans as its belt. How cute!
Dear My Jelly Lips Talk...

The Lastest from Dear My Lipstick Series.... Pink Talk

Jelly Lips Talk has 8 colors to offer, all sheer, ranging to clear glossy to Etude’s regular line up of pinks and oranges. I picked up JPK002 Syrupy Strawberry Candy.

JPK002 is sheer cool pink, it certainly delivers gloss like no other Etude’s lipsticks I have tried. The color is sheer yet still shows nicely on my lips. It smoothly applies, no drag at all. It is rather moisturizing and feels very light. Totally reminds me of YSL’s Volupte Sheer Candy!

As it is slippery and moisturizing, naturally it doesn’t stay long. Light snacking and tea sipping will reduce its glossiness and pigmentation a lot. So, frequent application is necessary. It does leave light tint on my lips, but not something noticeable.

Pigmentation is perfect; it adds just the right amount of color to my lips. Very office friendly and spring summer appropriate! However, beauties with more pigmented lips might not benefit much from this. Ahh... apologies for the patchy lights on my lip swatches... at least on the first picture you can see the amount of pigment we get from this lippie...

Jelly lips talk has sweet scent but no discernable taste.  However, I find this scent rather off putting… it smells like artificial sweet fruit. No likey… I am going to un-cap it, to make the scent goes away faster. But, once applied, this scent doesn’t really bother me.

Cute, sheer lip color with a punch of gloss. Perfect for office, spring and summer!