Monday, March 16, 2015

Etude House Color In Liquid Lips PK006

Color in Liquid Lips promises light and smooth textured vivid lip color with transparent shine. I assume the transparent shine translates to glossy look. 

The promo pictures remind me of Dior Addict Liquid Lips. Unfortunately, I don’t own any of those, so I cant really compare the two. The tube of Etude House is made of sturdy plastic, which kind of covers the ‘bullet’ inside. The applicator is pointy, which I appreciates, making precise application easier. 

PK006 is pigmented poppy peony pink. Single swipe is all it took do deposit even color on my lips. It has glossy finish and doesn’t feel tacky at all. The lippie has faint fruity bubble gum fragrance, but no taste. 

It transfers easily on my cup rim, depositing pigment with each sip I took. In the beginning, the color looks even, by the time I took third sip from my cup; I can see pigments settling on my liplines, accentuating dry patches. 30 minutes to wearing this, the pigment started to bleed outside my lips, may be it will be better if I wasn’t having a bad, dried lip day when I tried this. Anyways, my advice, exfoliate your lips well before using this.

Bright color lasted for about 3 hours on me, with my almost constant tea sipping and snacking. It leaves a pretty stain, only if it didnt bleed, it will be perfect! Color in Liquid Lips dried my lips a bit. 

punchy, bright liquid lipcolor with zero tackiness. Unfortunately for me, it dries my lip a bit and feather as time goes by. 

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