Thursday, March 19, 2015

YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 5 Cherry My Chérie

I have always loved YSL lip product… my latest crush was their glossy tint. When I saw in the website that they are releasing this last year, I cant wait to try one myself. To my delight, the wait is over. Finally I got my own Tint in Oil. 

So, the idea of tint in oil is to enhance your natural lip color with balmy comfort. YSL claims to be the first tint-in-oil tiny tint particles dissolved homogenously in oil. Plus, it features their ‘bouche a bouche’ 3D applicator. Let’s see if this combination makes my ultra dry lips happy…

The packaging is classic YSL with silver color and colored metallic neck to indicate the color inside. The tube is made of plastic, but the cap is metal. It, however, still feels substantial to hold. 

The tint-in-oil looks plain in the beginning, just clear gloss with cool pink tinge. The color, however, develops as time goes by. The swatch on the left was made 5-8 minutes earlier than the freshly made swatch on the right. You can see color developing… when I wiped off the gloss, there is pink stain left behind (little less intense color compared to the swatch you see in the picture).

Okay, honestly, these pictures dont do this lovely product ANY justice... trust me, the color is more pronounced than the faint pale hint of color you see in these pictures... Trying to capture this color better, below is picture of color transfer to the tissue that I used to wipe my hand swatch. See that pretty poppy pink...

The product itself feels like a very comfortable thin gloss with lots of slip, but it doesn’t feel like applying oil on my lips! It has light YSL-signature fruity scent, which dissipates over time. The fragrance is not as strong as other YSL product I must say. It turns to the beautiful, sheer, natural looking, cheerful cool pink. I am … in loooovvveeeee….

The curved applicator certainly makes my life easier… drawing lines is breezy with this baby. Plus, it grabs just enough amount of product at one go, no need to re-dip the wand to the tube!

The tint and gloss doesn’t migrate to my liplines! And this makes me very happy. I cant believe how minimal the color transfer is to my cup rim… almost none!


You want hydrating, sheer gloss to give you my lips but better cheerful colors? This is for you. Meanwhile for me, I am logging off to grab more colors and stockpile this pretty baby….

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