Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flormar magnetic twist nail enamel in MG08

Another purchase from Turkish brand, flormar. Previously I purchased their eye shadow quartet and reviewed it here.

One of the joy shopping in flormar shop in istiklal is the ultra cheap nail polished which comes in myriad of colors! All under 5 TRY or less than 3 Eur per bottle. How nice! They offer pastels, neutrals, deeps and.... The trendy magnetic polish I have been dying to try.

the idea of magnetic polish is to fast apply the polish on your nail, then while still sweet, hold the magnet on top for about 10 seconds or until it dries to hold the design. I heard other brands might sell the magnet separately, but flormar includes the magnet in the box as well.

Unfortunately, all of the magnet design is stripy. The most difficult part would be holding the magnet still on top of wet nail polish for 10 seconds or so. I find that I need s few tires to master how to hold the magnet better, and another numerous tries trying not to touch the magnet to the wet nail, which when happens, will ruin your nail design, of course.

Most of the time, I am not patient enough to make the design on all of my nails. So I just end up with 1 or 2 fingers with design while the rest, I just use the polish like regular polish.

Mg 08 looks deep gray with silver and multiple colored glitter in the bottle. But when applied, it is gunmetal gray (left nail). With the magnet, it forms stripes of darker gunmetal (right nail). Pigmentation is good, however, it is slightly thick tha makes it difficult for me to apply evenly at one stroke.

Fun cheap addition to my polish collection. But I don't bother to use the magnet as much. It is so difficult to master!

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