Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shieseido Fine Toiletry Perfect Oil

Since I found oil cleansers, I cant live without them! This is true. The principal is, you clean and lift up oil with oil, since oil in make up and our natural oil will dissolve better in oil. Just try one of those cleansing oils if you dont believe me!

And I love trying new products too. Beside my favorite FANCL cleansing oil, I always have at least a bottle of cleansing oil from other brand. This time, I picked up Shiseido's Fine Toiletry Cleansing Oil.

Standard packaging here, clear plastic pump bottle to dispense just the right amount of oil. Massage in your face, then rinse with water to emulsify and cleanse...not with cotton pads.

The oil here is light and clear, I couldnt detect any fragrance too. Usually I first test oils on back of my hand, to cleanse Urban Decay eye liners. It worked nicely! Then the ultimate test... to clean my favorite bulletproof MAC liquidlast eyeliner... and... it worked! YAY! No residue at all, no tugging involved.

This is certainly going to be my favorite oil cleanser. With economical price (USD 11.5 from, I am surely going to repurchase this one.

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