Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flormar Quartet Eyeshadow in 405

After doing bit if google research, I was hopeful to find beauty hall and pharmacies or supermarkets in turkey to stock up on various beauty products. But it was the other way round... Either I have been looking at the wrong places or I am just hoping too high...

Needless to say, i was extremely thrilled to find flormar shop in istiklal area. The shop totally reminds me of MAC or sephora make up section, where all nail polishes would be in one rack and blushes in the other while the new releases has their own small themed pedestals in the middle.

I believe flormar is local brand from turkey. The shop features pretty much everything, from eyeliners, shadow palettes, blushes to magnetic nail polishes. This time, I picked up a quartet eye shadow palette.

The palette is housed in sturdy white plastic packaging with clear panel on top to make it easier to see what color is inside. It also features tiny mirror and curved sponge applicator. It is generously sized at 12 gr. Unfortunately, dont think there's color names for the palettes, on numbers. I picked up springy vibrant 405.

As you can see, the colors here is really feast for the eyes. From cool shimmery turquoise, cheerful shimmery grass green, poppy purple magenta and versatile deep bronze. Pigmentation for this baby is good, very good. One swipe and I picked enough color to make the swatch pictured here.

Unfortunately, it is lacking in texture. It feels hard and dry borderline chalky to swatch. Blending is not a problem, but the dry texture will definitely make me use it less.

Good pigmentation, but dry texture. I am used with butter velvety feel of Japanese eye shadows... So, this is not s very high value purchase for me. I just like the colors to enrich my color collection.

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