Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kanebo Kate Real Create Eyes in BU 1

Lately not much of Kate's product launches interest me... Nearly forgot about the brand, until I saw real create eyes in

Real create eyes is designed looking like other Kate eye shadow palette. Housed in black plastic case. It is light, yet doenst feel flimsy at all. This palette comes with five color combinations raining from browns to blue, pink and green. From the website swatches, the colors looks pretty safe and versatile for daily office use.

This palette color is meant to make your eyes look bigger naturally. It contain glow jelly color, Clear color (accent color) and range of pretty neutrals. You are supposed to use the clear glittery jelly color as base. Unlike other eye shadow bases included in Japanese drugstore palettes, this one feels really like soft jelly. I was shocked by it's softness when I first swatched it. The glitter in this jelly is so fine and not gritty at all. The tiny glitter sparkles in pastel rainbow colors.

Clear color in this palette is, well, clear blue. It is sheer and shimmery baby blue. Reminds me of clear blue lagoon water in midday. This color has the hardest texture of all colors in the palette. But don't get me wrong,it is still easy to blend , to pick up. Just, not as butter velvety as the other 3 neutral contouring colors. I was pretty surprised with the contouring colors here. i find them more pigmented than I expected it to be. Color c is pretty ivory with golden sheen, color d is pale brown-gray and color e or the liner is deep brown. All three are shimmery but not glittery.

I enjoyed this palette so much, the texture is just lovely. But I won't be tempted to get the other palettes. I am partial to the jelly base. Do love the shimmer and all, but since my eye lids are oily enough, I dont think I need additional jelly to make it more moist. The colors appear stronger and last longer with the jelly base underneath, but it is just not for me. Beauties with drier skin may enjoy this more than I do.

Enjoyable purchase, nice palette to have. Lovely texture. But I do think owning one is enough.

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