Monday, January 7, 2013

Artdeco Eyeshadow in 63 Pearly Baby Blue, 87, 211 Golden Beige, 249 Spring Green and 263 Venetian Blue

Artdeco is German brand famous for their customizable palettes of blush and eyeshadows. Each pan has magnet pad on the bottom, making it easy to stick on Artdeco metal palette... or any metal surface for that matter. Palette is nice to have, but not a must to have. 

This time my grubby hands grabbed a few eyeshadows... 63 Pearly Baby Blue, 87, 221 Golden Beige, 249 Spring Green and 263 Venetian Blue. Artdeco organizes their eyeshadows by finish, 63 is pearl while 221, 249 and 263 are duochrome.
63 Pearly Baby blue is lovely sparkly pearly baby blue, just as the name implies. 87 is pearly soft lilac. 211 Golden Beige is pearly warm beige - perfect for highlighting browbone! 249 Spring Green is pearly pastel green - reminds me of young leaf shoot. It has super subtle golden flash when you really observe it. 263 Venetian Blue is lovely deep teal with subtle rich green duochrome.

All of the colors I picked are shimmery and soft. pigmentation is good and it sparkles nicely. It only took me a single swipe to get colors visible on my lids. Blending is a breeze with these babies too!

I am going to definitely purchase more eyeshadows from Artdeco! I am just loving their color collection and texture!

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