Monday, January 7, 2013

Artdeco Liquid Star Liner Eyeliner in 18 and 32 Lilac

Artdeco is a German brand with rather affordable price point and good reputation. They are famous for their magnetic eye palette which you can fill with Artdeco eye shadow and blush pans. 

This time, I am going to try their Liquid Star Liner.Liquid Star Liner promises brilliant color, waterproof formula which resist smudging and fading. The formula is mineral oil free and fragrance free, making it safe for contact lenses wearer. Well... I dont know any eye liner which is not recommended for contacts users so far... but that's what they mentioned in the website. 

In the website they enlisted wearable color collections - from black, grey, brown to navy and deep teal. I got myself color 18 and 32. 18 is a wonderful blackened forest green with subtle shimmer. 32 Violet is royal purple-violet version of MUFE aqualiner amazing number 14. that lovely iridescent shimmer is just lovely.  Unfortunately i cant capture it with my camera. 

This liner is very similar to MAC's superslick and MUFE's aqua liner. The eyeliner has felt tip - which is firm enough to draw sleek cat's eye, yet soft enough to glide nicely on my lids. The formula felt pretty much the same - no smudging and fading on my oily lids even after a long day in the office. The color lifts off easily with gentle make up remover - no need heavy duty oil cleanser or baby oil drenched cotton buds here. But I am happy that the color didnt travel and the line I drawn stays in place. 

More economical than MUFE's aqualiner, more easily obtained than MAC's superslick. The basic colors will cover your daily need nicely. Purple, iridescent color lovers -check out color 32 Lilac... it is magical!

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