Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fred Farrugia Midnight Kit, Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows in 03, 11& Transparent Crème Blush in 02

Yes… I went to a shopping spree recently… Guilty as charged…  But I couldn’t resist those twinkly colors and pretty little Midnight Kit set…

Fred Farrugia is a make up artist and, of course, the creator of the brand. His aim is to create products with textures that blends with skin for natural result. Most importantly these products should be able to follow the ladies wherever they go. That’s how Fred Farrugia magnetic system was founded!

Midnight Kit is a nifty little starter kit. It contains all you need to start your own Fred Farrugia pallete. Of course you can keep them in the plastic sleeves they came in when you bought each product, but I would be much more travel friendly if you own the top and bottom casing! You can create your own palette according to your needs!

Back to the lovely kit. It contains the top and bottom closures and also the sleeve in black. I find the sleeve particularly useful to make sure the palette wont get accidentally open in your luggage. The kit alos contains Pearlized Twinkle Eyeshadows in 15, Cream Lipstick/Lipgloss in 24 and Illuminating Powder in 01. That’s all you need to create a lovely night out look!

The lip colors would be flattering to any skintone. Both have color in the same family, hence can be used alone or layered up to add more glossiness. The lippie is more natural while the gloss is more pinky – both are tea rose colored. Eyeshadows in 15 is classic combo of sparkly pearly white shadows and equally sparkly black-grey shadow. The texture is not as smooth and buttery as Japanese brands, but they truly excels in pigmentation. Last but not least is the Illuminating powder in 01… it has lovely smooth texture. The color is warm ivory with super subtle shimmer. I do think this will also flatter any skin tone. I love to use it as brow bone highlighter too.

Of course, monochrome eyeshadows wont do it for me… That’s how I end up with additional palette in 03 and 11. 03 consists of bright teal blue shadow and popping pink-magenta shadow. 11 is more subtle pale cool pastel plum and complimentary deep plum. Both palette has good pigmentation and similar texture with the one included in Midnight Kit.

And… I cant resist Transparent Crème Blush in 02. It is, well, transparent and blendable crème blush with matte finish. No shimmer here. The color is lovely almost neon Barbie pink, but when blended properly it gives me pretty, feminine pink cheeks.

I do recommend putting your crème products on top of the palette and the sparkly shadows below. Just to avoid the possibility of powders getting stuck on the crème product when you use your brushes to pick them up.

I am loving Fred Farrugia’s customizable palette system…very travel friendly. The eyeshadows are of good quality and blushes are pretty too. Pricing point is slightly at the expensive side, but if you travel a lot, this might be your life (or cosmetic) safer. 


  1. hey where d'you get this palette? anywhere near HK??
    I've tried to search my own fav in France but only be able to buy the concealer palette & brush plate, can't even find the Full Set Kit and I'm so desperate now.... T^T
    if you have any details of where to buy, please contact me at
    desperately need those!
    super thxx!!

    1. Hi Donna,
      I got this one from Sephora in Paris. I dont think it matters much if you can find the full palette or not, since Fred Farrugia brand meant these babies to be stacked and you can make your own palette from that. you can get single eyeshadows, blush or whatever it is, and they will always fit to your old palette. Good luck!