Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lucido L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil for Permed hair

Previously I reviewed Styling Milk for Straight hair of this series. Now, I am going to try its treatment oil for permed hair. 

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Lucido-L promises soft curl with light feeling, they recommend this baby for perm damaged hair. DAMAGED is the key word for me here, that's why I am going for this orange one, instead of magenta bottle which is marketed for straight or straightened hair. Just like the pink bottle, it also contains CMC like ingredient. This fancy ingredient is supposed to help water retention to make your hair more manageable. 

I applied this oil on towel dried hair, just like what Lucido-L recommends. The idea is that the ingredient will coat your hair to lock in moisture. Shampoo at night and wake up to smoother, softer hair! 

The oil is very light and faintly fragranced. It has slippery siliconey feel - so it doesnt weigh down my hair, it just adds shine and gloss. 

i guess this is more for normal hair, instead of dry hair like mine. the oil is very light and adds good amount of gloss, but no way moisturizing or keeping permed wavy hair stay. 

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