Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Trollop & Queen

Now, this is one product that truly lives to its fame! After trying on so many lip colors with similar concept – pigmented and meant to be mixed to create your own shade,  I do think this is, so far, the only one that is truly pigmented!

OCC is famous for its lip tars, but they also have other stuff like eyeshadows, tinted moisturizer and even airbrush system!

Lip Tar promises light yet intense layer of color with satin finish. Ease of gloss application, yet longevity of a lipstick.

I got Trollop and Queen for myself as a starter. OCC describes Trollop as true cranberry pink while Queen as bright coral pink. On me Trollop was first released in fall 2010, on me it is warm pink with a dash of coral. Queen is colder pink with fuchsia mixed in – my kind of comfort zone color!

Single teeny weeny drop of this baby is enough for my lips and fingertips! I applied and evened out the color with my finger tip and the result is even, bright, pigmented color with satin finish. It felt lightweight and the pigment never settle on my liplines. It did stain my fingertips a little. Lip tar pigment didn’t make a stiff layer on my lips, it just sits nicely on top of my lips. I did saw the pigment transferred on to my teacup rim after sipping. But it doesn’t matter, as the color remained bright.

Just to share how pigmented Lip Tars are, the half lip swatch on top was made by the super tiny drop I made for my hand swatch. Super pigmented, super easy to blend. I am just loving it!

During application I can taste a little minty sensation, but it didn’t last long.

I am loving these babies for their pigment packed colors and longevity! Looking forward to try something from their 2012 mettalurgy collection!

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