Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kao Segreta Hair Treatment Essence

Segreta is brand from Japanese beauty company, Kao. This particular brand is targeting hair issues of more mature audience. For me, I will try anything that promises more manageable, glossy, stronger hair. Previously I tried Segreta's Glossy Hair Oil. This time, I grabbed their Treatment Essence. 

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The treatment essence is housed in mist bottle. I dont read japanese, but I do think this is meant to be applied on dry hair, then dry your hair as usual. 

Its texture is just like water... with faint fruity floral aroma. very faint. I sprayed the treatment essence liberally on my dried hair, and wait for my damp hair to dry as usual. 

The result was slightly softer hair. But I am not super impressed by it. I do think this is still a nice spray to add a little moisture on my bone dry hair ends, but aside than that, I didnt see any magnificent difference. 

nice add on for my desk, during those bone dry hair days. but I wont repurchase. 

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