Thursday, December 27, 2012

Stila Merry & Bright Collectible Holiday Palette

Nude shadows was never my thing... I want my shadows colorful and bright! But recently, I realize how handy it is to have nudes eye shadows in hand. It can never go wrong with nudes to highlight and emphasize crease!

That's why when I saw Stila Merry & Bright I jumped to purchase it. The set contains (of course) the eye shadow and make up palette plus lipglaze in kitten.

The palette is smaller than standard Stila travelling girl palette, but it contains more shadow variety! Super wearable nudes and neutrals in shimmery and matte finish. Plus a convertible lip and cheek cream. As usual, the palette also features handy mirror and simple face chart.

Strangely enough, I am most happy with the convertible color! I find it super handy to use. It gives my cheek that natural pinky flush.

The eye shadows on the other hand... Was a little meh. I love glisten and joyful the most, ebony and butterscotch the least. I find the two mattes too powdery for my taste. And I prefer my black, very black...

Handy palette for travelling and touch ups. But for the price I don't think it is very worth it for me, as I can foresee myself using only the convertible, glisten and joyful. May be, molasses once in a while. But this palette can be a real gem for nude n neutrals starters who want variety of finishes in a single palette.

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  1. Ohh I just picked up this palette in the sale!

    Sita xx